Horizontes Organicos, S.R.L.

Since 1989 we have been active in promoting Organic and Biodynamic agriculture in the Dominican Republic and eventually established our company providing an export-market for these producers. Meanwhile interest in organic produce is also growing in the local population.

Through on-farm advisory as well as periodical workshops on Organic and Biodynamic farm management we are developing ecological consciousness and management skills.

We contract with a variety of growers in the different regions of the country and advise and supervise all aspects from field to packing.

TTo develop and ensure organic growing practices we maintain our own “Internal Inspection Program”, leading to organic Certification of our growers.

Socio-Economic Aspects

  • The company’s management-team exclusively holds ownership of stock.
  • Many of our employees are also farmers, including the company’s president, Christoph F. Meier, who has over 50 years experience in Biodynamic and Organic agriculture in Europe and the USA.  
  • Over 100 employees earn steady wages above local average.
  • A part of accruing profits are dedicated for community support, with the focus on
    child-education in the areas where the company is active.
  • Our associated growers receive prices with an organic and or Fair Trade premium.
  • The increased inflow of money has shown a remarkable positive impact in the local economy.
  • We favor permanent crops, which once established need little or no mechanization, thereby avoiding the high costs of capital and energy inputs. Most of these crops are labor-intensive, providing employment to a large number of people.
  • Low-interest financing is extended to some growers.
  • We initiated “COOPROBATA” a small Banana farmers association which is registered with the fair-trade organization“FLO / Max Havelaar”. This guarantees them a fair price and an additional premium for social improvements.
  • We have been able to mitigate the disastrous impact of Hurricane-damage by bridging missing income gaps and financing field restoration with the additional help of fundraising efforts through our clients.

Ecological aspects

Most of our products are from trees or bushes with permanent soil shading and low to modest fertility inputs. These crops, when managed appropriately, enhance
bio-diversity, soil building, and erosion control, a aspect of great importance in the fragile tropical environment with its often torrential rains and burning sun.

Organic and Biodynamic
Demeter certification

All growers and the various processing facilities are regularily inspected by international Organic certification agencyes. This insures independent controls and a guarantee to consumers that our products are grown according to Organic and Biodynamic farming methods. Meticulous records are kept to provide an “Audit-trail” from producer to consumer.

Our Goal

To produce high quality products at reasonable prices while improving soils and environment, to provide employees and supplying farmers with a fair income, and last but not least, returning a reasonable profit to the company. We also strive to develop associative relationships taking in to account the needs
of producers, trade and consumers.