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A farmer nowadays, especially if he produces for a overseas market feels very isolated from the consumers of his products. Besides of the distance there are
generally several distribution stages in between before his produce reaches the consumer.

The consumer stays almost always anonymous, but writing for this website gives us a feeling that you are real and reachable, we may even get some feedback from you!

It is you, the consumer of our produce, who with your demand motivates our work and therefore forms an integral part of our activity.

With kind regards,
Christoph F. Meier


To produce high quality products at reasonable prices while improving soils and environment, to provide employees and supplying farmers with a fair income, and last but not least, returning a reasonable profit to the company. We also strive to develop associative relationships taking in to account the needs of producers, trade and consumers.


“Many of our employees are also farmers, including the company’s president, Christoph F. Meier who has over 50 years experience in Biodynamic and Organic farming in Europe and the USA””


Biodynamic Bananas and Organic Bananas.


Biodynamics Mangoes.

Various Products

Limes, Dried/Dehydrated Mangoes and Mango Pulp.


All growers and the various processing facilities are regularly inspected by independent certifying
agencies, organic by IMOCert, Naturland and biodynamic by Demeter International.
This provides independent controls and guarantee to consumers that our products are grown according to Organic
and Biodynamic farming methods.


For over thirty years we have worked as farmers in some connection with curative and Waldorf education in Europe and the USA. We consider this teaching method as the most advanced in addressing the educational needs of our time.

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