Organic dried fruits

Our fruits are dried in a modern solar tunnel-dryer developed by de Hohenheim University. A rapid drying process is possible without artificial heat-source is possible thanks to our very dry and sunny climate.

Biodynamic Dried Bananas

Certified Biodynamic by Demeter International.

Ripe and very sweet Cavendish Bananas from our Finca Girasol.

Retail Packaging:

· Bags 14x14cm. Containing +- 7 Bananas.

· Net weight: 170 Gr.

· Packed in cardboard boxes @ 30 bags.

· 4 boxes in shipping case (total 120 bags / 20.4kg Net.)

· Full Pallet: 48 cases.

Bulk orders:

In cardboard boxes of 20kg Net.

Organic Dried Mangoes

Certified Organic by IMO.

Ripe and sweet Mangoes without fibers.


Haden, Tommy Atkins, Keith.

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