Organic coconuts

Certified Organic by IMO

Nuts are harvested in the eastern flatlands along the Atlantic coast. The cultivation is extensive / semi wild, in combination with cattle pastures. A Coconut Palm yields about 35 Nuts per year. A small area is also inter-planted with Bananas on Finca Girasol.


Own production: 2 Ha

Biodynamic / Demeter certified. Volume available +-13,000 Nuts / Year

Contracted producers:

23 Coconut grooves with a total of 1,200 Ha.
Yields: +- 6,800 Nuts / Ha


Bags of 20 Coconuts / 1600 bags per Container.


Raw Organic Coconut-oil

Pressed from “Copra”, the Coconut meat.


Drums of 200kg

Containers of 75 Drums / 15 MT

Container of 125 Drums / 25MT


+- 100 MT per month.

Organic Coconut-chips


Medium and Fine


10 Kg Paper Bag with plastic liner

Organic Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is the liquid product obtained from pressing the fresh coconut meat (it is not the coconut water!) It is traditionally used in the Caribbean for cooking a large diversity of dishes as well as the base for drinks such as the famous “Pinia Colada”. It purveys a intensive taste of coconut. Fat content is aprox. 30%.

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